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About Us

CancerDogs is a cancer screening service that uses specially trained dogs to detect the odor of all types of cancer present in a person’s exhaled breath. We developed an inexpensive and non-invasive breath sample kit that collects breath odor with a simple surgical mask that is worn for 10 minutes.[…]

Firefighter Cancer Screening Trials

In 2011, we began our Firefighter Cancer Screening Trials. We are now testing over 100 fire departments in the United States. In January of 2018, we passed a milestone of 30,000 people tested. We want to offer this program to as many firefighters as possible and welcome new participants. We[…]

Thank You

We cannot stress how grateful we are to all of the Cancer and Non-Cancer patients who have taken time to donate breath samples for our training library.  These samples are essential for training the dogs and maintaining an accurate program.  We couldn’t do it without you. We would like to[…]